ToolWiz Time Freeze: One Click Windows System Restore With Password Pretected

ToolWiz Time Freeze is utilities software which give Windows system restore in one click, restore to previous state after reboot. We can use it at any place such as classrooms, computer labs, kiosks, internet cafes or libraries for any purpose, make computer system solid like use a brand new PC every day.

ToolWiz Time Freeze allows users create a restore point that restores system with manually or restored automatically after reboot, it prevents malicious threats or unwanted changes being made to your computer, by creates a virtual environment for system partition likes in a sandbox.

Moreover this application supports password protection and folders exclusion option prevents others disable it easily. Techgravy ever shared Reboot Restore RX application which having similar function as this program but lack of password protection.

ToolWiz Time Freeze System Restore

Set Up

Download the program which support Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, then installed. Put a tick on “Enable Time freeze” and “Enable Password Protection” two options. Click on “Modify Password” button create your own password.

ToolWiz Time Freeze system restore

Finally reboot PC.

Windows system restore software


Click on Time Freeze icon located at taskbar > show program, main screen interface appeared.

Free Windows restore tool

Click “Modify Password” button to modify you’re existing password. Put a tick on “Show toolbar On Desktop” will telling your PC is in protected status with automatically restored (ON displayed) or non-protected.


Toolwiz Time Freeze and Reboot Restore RX are useful free restore tool that allows your computer reverts back to a clean state after reboot, especially when you need to test some of the potentially dangerous application, or worry about spaware, trojan threats as internet browsing, save your time troubleshoot and formatting PC.

The Drawback is that reboot is required as stop the time freeze mode.