Tip :Launch Window Shortcut At Taskbar Without Software Supported

Few month ago i was wrote a post regarding ‘Deskontop that launch window shortcut from system tray‘.Now i showing you a trick that not need install any software and you can launching window shortcut from taskbar ( Window XP applied ).

1.Create a new folder and rename such as ‘Wongsk shortcut’,then putting all your desktop window shortcut to this folder and delete all shorcut in desktop.

2.Unlock the ‘Lock the taskbar’ with delete the check.


3.Then create a new toolbar with right click taskbar –>Toolbar –>New Toolbar.

6 PM

4.Select the shortcut folder and click ‘OK’.


5.Now you will noticed that the shortcut folder already appear in the taskbar.Click ‘>>’,you can launching the shortcut application.