TestDisk : Recover Disk Partitions Easily

If you deleted disk partitions carelessly or lost boot sector system,you can try ‘TestDisk’ this rescue software to help for recover back partitions.

TestDisk can help you
  • Fix partition table, recover deleted partition
  • Recover FAT32 boot sector from its backup
  • Rebuild FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 boot sector
  • Fix FAT tables
  • Rebuild NTFS boot sector
  • Recover NTFS boot sector from its backup
  • Fix MFT using MFT mirror
  • Locate ext2/ext3 Backup SuperBlock
  • Undelete files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 filesystem
  • Copy files from deleted FAT, NTFS and ext2/ext3 partitions.

Moreover,Testdisk not only can implement in Window OS but also support NTFS, FAT, BeFS, BSD, DOS, HFS, JFS, Linux, LVM, UFS and other file system.Note that please don’t run disk diagnosis software and formatting disk in order Testdisk can restore disk partition.

Download TestDisk and unzipped.Run ‘testdisk_win.exe’ in ‘win’ folder,use arrow key select disk drive,then select ‘Proceed’ and press ‘Enter’.

After that select ‘Intel’ if your computer operating system is Window OS and press ‘Enter’.

Select ‘Analysis’ and press ‘Enter’.

Testdisk will finding out all the disk partitions.Use arrow key select ‘Backup’ and press ‘Enter’ if confirmed all the disk partitions information are correct.Then select ‘Quit’ to stop the application and reboot the computer,you will getting back the disk partition that lost already.

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