Test The Effectiveness Of Your Computer Firewall

Year 2007 already over,there will be a lot of report on which is the best of computer firewall.Some will say Comodo,Kerio…. and you following the report install that computer firewall which is the best one.The question is,the computer still infected by worm or malicious program attacked,is it computer firewall not so effectiveness ?

Nowadays,we done a lot of BT download and online streaming video,we crack the half open TCP connection to a higher value (default is 10) to get the stable and faster connection.Therefore,your computer will exposed to more worm,ARP or malicious program attacked with the connection port are more open.Moreover,some of us will not install the firewall caused seem the firewall didn’t do the job well with reason. ( one of my friend give this reason and told me that there are no pop up window to alert him but antivirus software got pop up window alert)

Actually firewall is important to us as first filter for protection as we online or browsing internet.ShieldsUP is a website that testing the connection port that shield up effectiveness if the open TCP port are not using.Select ‘All service ports’,the website will checking all the 1056 TCP port of your computer.After completed the test,it will show you which is the port are open or no shield up completely,

You will be surprise as the result show to you if you are using the popular computer firewall software.

Do you know what is the computer firewall software can get all the 1056 TCP port shield up completely as showed in the photo above ?