In Self-hosted WordPress,No More Blogspot no longer in Blogspot platform anymore and in self-hosted WordPress now as WongSK Blog having new custom domain name, after one year.

It’s hard making decision migrate from blogspot to WordPress platform,i won’t having lot of free time to do this migration,then i decided ‘hired’ a WordPress experimental guy helping me.All this starting from last week and you all can notice that there are no any new post published.

blogspot to wordpress

Now all the blog posts in blogspot platform (703 posts) transfer to WordPress smoothly and successfully,no any 404 error page.If you are came from wongsk blogspot all will redirect to .

Now i need to spend little time to customize the layout and appearance wordpress become more attractive.

Those RSS subscriptors please update your RSS feed with caused some of you may subscript with RSS feed from blogspot/Atom that become invalid after migrated to WordPress.

Anyway thanks to all of you and the readers.

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