Tabbloid : Convert RSS Feeds Into PDF Document

Normally i use RSS reader to subscribe others blog that i interested but found that some of these blog are updated slowly,almost one or two weeks just having new post in their weblog.I also don’t want to bookmark it and checking is there any updated everyday,now i have find a solution with using Tabbloid that i will not miss out any new post in these updated slowly weblog.

Tabbloid can help you turn your RSS feeds or blog posts into printable PDF document and sent to your mailbox regularly.Click ‘Get Started’ and will go to a new webpage ,enter in the RSS feed url,email address and set frequency of the delivery,then click ‘Save delivery option’,you will be able to get first set of the new delivery PDF document.


After i use it for few week,found that Tabbloid is not supported Chinese language ( hope they can improve this ) and will not miss out any updated of my favorite weblog .