System Protect : Protect System Files & Maintain Stability Of Your PC

We always emphasized that ours computer need powerful antivirus or antispyware software for protection in order to run stable and smoothly.Unfortunately some of the security software are not well protection that expected,even will delete some important files ( i ever experienced Kaspersky antivirus detected explorer.exe as virus and deleted it ).So,to maintain our pc performance are stable and run smoothly,a system protection software is needed.

System protect is a program that helps keep your operating system stable and protected. Prevent deletion of important programs, files and folders caused by viruses, antivirus/antispyware programs, other users on your computer such as kids, or unintentional removal .

After installed system protect,it will protect computer operating system.Once the virus attempts to damage the system file,a warning is displayed allowing you to stop this action.

System Protect also lets you choose files and folders to be protected. This ensures that a virus, other people working with your computer or even you won’t delete an important document, your favorite photos, music, movies or other files that you don’t want to lose.

You need to temporary shut down system protect program as running window update in order the updated can install inside the pc.

As system protect minimize in system tray,it only comsumed 5~ 6K memory usage.I believed that the combinations of system protect and security software will giving the best of the protection for your PC.

System protect compatible with Window XP ( 32 & 64 bit ) and Vista ( 32 bit ).