SyncMate : The SynchronizeTool For your Mac And Window Mobile

If you have a pocket pc that use window mobile system,then no problem for you if your computer OS is window for synchronize data purposed.How about for Mac OS ?maybe u you think that pocket pc is useless if your computer is Mac OS.Don’t worry,here has a software introduced to you,SyncMate.

SyncMate is a easy to use synchronize tool for your address book,bookmark,music,iTune,iPhoto,etc for your Mac computer and pocket pc.These software is free to use,the device compatibility are ;

  • Windows Mobile Pocket 5
  • Windows Mobile Smartphone 5
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard
  • Windows Mobile 6 Classic
  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional

Since my computer is window xp operation system,i can’t tell you for more details.If you interested,please log on to syncMate.

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