Synchronize Online Storage And Specified folder Between PCs With Dropboxifier

Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive has it’s own path location and separate specified folders create on PCs after desktop application installed, we could not synchronize our programs settings and associated data via all these online storage services, so if we want to sync specific folder with online storage then need copy and paste to storage folder on PCs.

Dropboxifier can solve this problem by using symbolic link synchronize any programs settings and associated data on computer to storage specific folder. With this concept we able synchronize web based cloud services specified folder to another online storage, example we can sync photos stored on Dropbox to SkyDrive online storage then we are able backup the files to different storage space, this is another backup option if we can’t access a single online storage services.

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Synchronize Online Storage With Dropboxifier

1.Download anf install Dropboxifier. Dropboxifier not only work with Dropbox but also work with Google Drive and SkyDrive.



2.Here i use Dropbox folder as example.

Synchronize folder between online storage


3.Now i want synchronize Dropbox photo folder (Photo on Dropbox) with SkyDrive storage. Create a name and link to SkyDrive, then click on Dropboxifier button.



4.We will notice that the photo on SkyDrive already synchronize with Dropbox.



It works on Windows Vista and Windows 7 with .Net Framework 4.0 installed.