Switch Google Chrome To Developer Version

Last year i wrote a post regarding using Google chrome updater to track latest version of Google chrome ,but this updater seem not function well since Google Chrome upgraded to 3.0.Now i will showing you alternative way how to update and check the latest version of Google Chrome.

In fact, Chrome has its own three different update frequency channel – Stable Channel is releasing Google Chrome official version,most of us are using this update channel.Beta Channel’s update will be slightly faster, the frequency of updates about once a month.Dev Channel ( Developer Preview Channel ) will update every week.Of course,you have to bear the risk and stability using updates from Dev channel.However,i didn’t experience any major breakdown since using Dev Channel to update Google Chrome web browser.

If you interested in try ‘beta version’ Google Chrome updated from Dev Channel or transfer from ‘stable channel’ to ‘Dev channel’,you can following below steps.

1.Go to here download and install Google Chrome ( if you didn’t install Google Chrome before ).

2.After installed Google Chrome,download and install ‘Google Chrome Channel Changer 2.0’ switch Google Chrome stable version to Dev version.

3.Select ‘Dev channel’ and ‘update’ as a window wizard appear.

4.Then open up Google Chrome web browser,click ‘Customize and control Google Chrome’ icon and select ‘About Google Chrome’,then will switch to Dev channel .

Now you can use about method mentioned in No.4 checking Google Chrome new versions from Dev channel regularly.

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