Switch Android Apps Efficiency With SwipePad

We used switch Android apps daily but we have go to home screen and launch the apps from the list, it’s a bit annoying and not user friendly that start the apps with few steps. SwipePad app provide a quick start panel with 12 custom Android apps shortcuts, as long as slide from the edge of the phone screen with a finger to the center and can start android switch apps at any time.

I knew SwipePad this Android apps since owned HTC One V phone but i didn’t add it in my Android apps list till i found that switching apps was a bit waste of time recently like make a phone call as view a message, use Google search as browsing Facebook etc, you need to switch back to home screen then find and running apps concern which involved several steps.

If you make use of SwipePad then can launch any apps at any time with a slide then having android switch apps more convenient and efficient.

SwipePad simple and easy to use, you can find below demo video.

What impress me is SwipePad not only can set up custom shortcut Android apps but also allow users customize their always used functions, example set up a quick dial for a person.

SwipePad Android Apps

You need drag your finger from the top right corner to the center of the screen and a panel launcher will show up.In there you can change the slide direction in 「Hotspots」 option.

Set up Android apps switching


You can add in any application or shortcuts into 12 grid box within panel.

Add Android apps and shortcut to swipepad


SwipePad is a launcher panel overlay and you can’t notice any icon or panel appear on screen, you need is swipe towards the center of the screen then hover over the app you want to open and SwipePad will switch android app.

switch android apps


Long tab shortcuts on panel till turns orange color if you want to modify custom panel.

modify apps on Swipepad


Make good use of SwipePad to increase efficiency.

Download SwipePad from Google Play Store.

Notification toggle android apps also having similar function that allow users android switch apps.