Swipe Home Button: Android Home Button Alternative

Some Android phone are using physical home button and the android home button not working after some times because of press the button too frequently lead to decrease sensitivity. Techgravy blog ever shared home button app called Easy touch as home button alternative that reduce the use of Android home button.

Easy Touch app is a button which looks like AssistiveTouch on iPhone and we can set up lot up custom setting according to your needed. Sometimes we just need few function such as go back to home screen, show recent apps that we use and pull down notifications etc which can allow us reduce pressing home button frequently, do not need to much custom setting on the phone.


Swipe Home Button As Android Home Button

Swipe home button android app is a home button app that allow users changes the way control android phone with wipe gestures. We do not need set up lot of custom setting, all we need to have remember the wipe gestures direction like swipe up, swipe up and down, swipe up left or right only.

Swipe home button app - Android home button


All the gestures bring you to have five most useful actions that we always use on Android phone

  • Go back to home screen
  • Show recent apps
  • Pull down notification
  • Play next track (may works on certain music play app)
  • Open any other app

I have installed this app on Sony Xperia Neo V and all actions are worked, can disable home button android, this app compatible with any 4.0+ devices including Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and HTC One. Root on android phone is not required.

Swipe home screen app provide seven days trial version, if you satisfied with the app then can purchase full version with US$0.99 only.

PS:This app is not suitable for device that solely use virtual keys