Surf Anonymous With IP Sharkk

Sometimes we will using some security application to avoid online track and surf anonymous as browsing in internet.Normally use proxies but 99.99% won’t worked.VPN service is good but most of the VPN service are not free and internet connection are quite slow.Now you have alternative way this free IP changer software ‘IP Sharkk‘.

IP Sharkk will turns your PC like a server and you can use others people’s IP address ( others people also can use your IP address too ) as proxy bridge,then become surf online anonymously.

IP Sharkk have a free version and download here.It’s will try connect to internet and test the connection speed after run the installer,a pop up window listing up new IP address for choosing.You must register first by select ‘Tool’ –> ‘Register’ then can using IP Sharkk.

Submit email address,name and password.Check your email inbox and verify the email link that sent by IP Sharkk.

Then log in your account and select ‘START’ tab.The ‘Offline’ indicator will change to ‘Online’.Choose the location server listed in window and will showing server speed with fast ,medium and slow need to choose ‘Very fast’ server connected to internet.That all.

IP Sharkk supports Firefox,IE,Opera and Google Chrome web browsers and no need any configuration for web browser.

You may consider purchase IP Sharkk premium version with USD 27.99.The different between free and premium version,please visit here .