Sub Folder Function For Google Docs.Is It Useful ?

Just now prepared my presentation materials (i use Microsoft power point) for next week,then use a software to synchronize to Google Docs.I realized that there have a sub folder in a main folder.Why not label,but is sub folder ?

Many of you will thought that folder concept will make ours to be more easy by searching for a file but in fact it is not,it will spent more time to find a fil,if you use label for that file and told others who need this file with what label,then use search function to find that label,isn’t more easy and convenient ?

Is just like Gmail with using label concept,every email i attached a label.As i wanted to find a email,just put a label and sender name and searching,can be easily found in the Gmail.If i put all the email in folder,then will created so many sub-sub-sub folder and take time to get the email that you wanted.So,folder concept is not a good idea to manage email.

Google have so advance searching technology and label concept application is so well for Gmail,why have folder this old outdated concept ?

Are you agree?