Stop iTunes Backup And Speed Up iPhone/iPad Sync

I brought a new iPad as it launching in Malaysia.As i try to upgrade software version to latest iOS 4.2.1 through iTunes,it’s took few hours and still in progress status,i try several time and never let me upgrade successful.

This happen is due if  you want iTunes sync with your iPhone or iPad,iTunes will perform automatic backup first.The backup process will take time if you are first time using iTunes or never having any recent backup.You can speed up iPhone or iPad sync by turn off the automatic backup.

BackOff is a simple tool let you disable automatic backup in iTunes and shorten sync time between iTunes and iPad or iPhone device.It’s supports Windows and Mac OS.Download BackOff and installed.

Backup is ON and show green color icon as running the BackOff application.

Click ‘TURN OFF’ icon to disable backup in iTunes (you need to exit iTunes before executive this process).Now backup is OFF,red color icon appear.

Now i can skip backup process and continue to upgrade iPad to lastest iOS version within 30 minutes.