Grab Steganos Online Shield 365 One Year Subscription

Steganos Online Shield 365 is an application establishes VPN connection to let users browsing internet safely. The free version provides 500MB of data per month plus few VPN servers locations for users only, today we are able to get full version with a complimentary one year subscription free.

Steganos Online Shield 365 full version protects your internet connection through encryption against thief of password, credit card details or your online identity. Moreover its can protect your real IP address by anonymity and masks IP address to a different global server location anonymous surfing online. Your IP would change to countries like UK, USA, Switzerland, France, Germany, Japan and more.

It’s easy to use, download the software and installed, then toggle ON and OFF switch to turn on and off VPN connection. This application will connection to their VPN servers location automatically or select global location manually.

Steganos Online Shield 365 vpn connection

How To Get Steganos Online Shield 365 Full version

Visit and submit email address, then you will be receive an email contain a valid Steganos Online Shield 365 serial code.

On application interface click on “Menu” > “Enter Serial Number”, key in serial code obtained from email, then you able getting one year subscription which given you 5GB of data.

Does It Secure Me?

There are many online tools to check any leaks, or that your VPN not working properly. Let see does it work as promised.

Upon activating the shield, it changed my IP address to Singapore. Visit extended IP address test to check your Flash, Java, and DNS, make sure the flash, and java IP’s/DNS’s are not yours, shows the result is VPN provider.

ip address leak test

In the above screenshot, its changed flash and java provided by VPN provider.

The result shows that my real IP address is not leaked.

Grab it as soon as possible.