Stash Save Web Page And Read It Later [Google Chrome Extension]

Google chrome web browser has 「Reopen the pages that were open last」 option that would let you open the last closing tab to continue browsing web page content. Unfortunately some of last closing web page you may not be interest continue browsing or be a hassle if too many pages accumulated open up at same time, it would be great can temporary save the web page and read it later. Google Chrome extension 「Stash」 can save and stash the page tab and read it later as needed.

Google Chrome extension 「Stash」help you save all open page tabs and you can found them on stash list, click it and open that all, it more suitable for those who use it to collect data and more useful than bookmarks.


Save Web Page And Read It Later

A Stash icon appeared after installed, click Stash button if need to save a web page.

stash save web page and read it later


A web page already saved to Stash, you can open the web page directly by click the web page link that stored at Stash.