SSH Tunnel + Tor Network,Surf Anonymous And Safely

There are many kind of anonymous surfing and visit website block like using VPN,proxy or tunnel if you have read the post in Techgravy .net.Now i will showing a new way how to surf online anonymously with web server support SSH tunnel connect to Tor network.

Tor network is second-generation onion routing enabling Internet anonymity by thwarting network traffic analysis.You can’t use web server connect SSH tunnel directly and need a software called Putty to connect it. Putty is an open source telnet and SSH Client for the Windows and Unix platforms,web server only act as forward and receive all those data through Tor network.

SSH Tunnel With Tor Network

You can use a free web server called Register an SSH account,then you will receiving email asking click the link inside for activation account and second email will arrive soon with containing hostname,username and password for SSH

Now download Putty software client and set up connect to SSH server.

Hostname Port :22

SSH Tunnel

After that double click ‘SSH’ and select ‘tunnel’ option,Source port column enter in ‘7070’,Destinations select ‘Auto’ and ‘Dynamic’,then click ‘Add’.

Putty Settings

Now click ‘Open’ icon,it will pop up a window,asking enter in username and password and don’t turn off the pop up window after success log in with username and password..

Open up Firefox web browser and select ‘Tool’ –> ‘Option’ –> ‘Advanced’ –> ‘Network’ –> ‘Connection setting’,go to ‘Manual proxy configuration’,SOCKS Host enter,Port with 7070,then click ‘OK’.

Configure firefox anonymous surfing

Tor network will changing IP randomly and frequently. Now you have double protection with SSH tunnel and Tor network surf anonymous online.

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