Speed Up Internet Explorer With Google Chrome Frame

Google released a new open source plug-in called ‘Google Chrome Frame‘ that bring Google Chrome open web technology and Speedy JavaScript to internet Explorer (IE 6,7 and 8 ).That means you can browsing a specific web page using Google Chrome engine with IE web browser.

Google Chrome Frame supports IE 6,7,8,Window XP and Vista only.Go to Google Chrome Frame homepage download Google Chrome Frame and installed.

To activate Google chrome engine in IE browsing specific web page,you need to type ‘cf:‘ in front of URL in address bar like below;


Then IE will use Google Chrome open web technology open the web page and open faster compare with IE.

You may have a doubt how i know i am using Google Chrome Frame technology open a web page ?It’s simple just click any input column.If you noticed that the frame of the input column showing yellow color reflection,that means you are currently using Google Chrome Frame browsing the web page.

IE 8 results test with and without Google Chrome Frame implementation

With Acid3 testing,IE 8 scored 20/100 but running with Google Chrome Frame ( cf:http://acid3.acidtests.org/),it score 100/100,same result as Google Chrome.

As a weblog owners,you can modify the content of web template,switching to IE with Google Chrome open technology as visitors who use IE with Google Chrome Frame installed.Just add this tag to top of the page.

For those blogger who use blogspot platform,just add tag after <head> ,

with ‘ / ‘ at the end of tag .

So visitors no need add cf: in front of your weblog URL and can activate Google Chrome open technology in IE automatically.Moreover, the content of IE right click menu will change to Google Chrome right click menu,this may a disadvantage.

If you want to uninstall Google Chrome Frame ,go to ‘control panel’ –>’Add or remove program’,find ‘Google Chrome Frame’ and uninstall it.

You can watch this video and visit here for more details.

PS:My blog ( WongSK Blog ) already install the tag as above,IE users with Google Chrome Frame installed no need key in cf: in address bar,it will run the Google Chrome Engine in IE automatically.