Song Explorer Pro : Backup And Stream Song Via Wifi iOS App On iPhone / iPad

Still using iTunes to backup songs in iPhone,iPod or iPad to computer ? Song Explorer Pro iOS app let you transfer songs via WIFI to any computer and backup all without iTunes.Now Song Explorer Pro app is free limited time ( normal price is $0.99 ).

song explorer pro app

Other than that,song explorer pro app can let you share the songs to your friends by create a playlists in windows Media Player or other player,it’s also works with Windows,Mac and Linux OS.

The others main features

  • Access your device’s music library using a simple but powerful web interface, which allows you to easily select songs for downloading or playing, with instant sorting and searching.
  • Freely access your songs from any computer in your network. Just use any web browser and download what you want from your device.
  • Access to your device can be protected by username/password.

song explorer pro appsong explorer pro


Song Explorer Pro designed for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Download Song Explorer Pro.