Solution : Some Specific Websites Can’t Open In Web Browser

My friend solved the web browser problem after he read my post ‘Can connect to internet but can’t browser web site,how to settle‘,but have some web site can’t be browse after that,then i have to spend little of time help him to settle it,below it is my some solution to solve this problem.

The computer can connect to internet,can reach most of the web site but some specific websites can’t be access only,the websites showed you ‘timeout’ this word and asked you try again later.Moreover,as you tried use other computer to access the specific websites,it is reachable.

1.Find out the connection line between your computer and the website.
Do a traceroute between your computer and the website,checking for a message like ‘request time out’.they will find the location of the breakdown.

Type the below command in the Run column,

cmd /k tracert (xxxxxx is website that can reached)

2.Clear the DNS Cache.
The DNS cache will kept the record that all the websites have visited by your computer,you will be facing open the website as the DNS Cache corrupted.

Type cmd /k ipconfig /displaydns in Run column.If the unreachable website is listed inside,then type cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns in Run Column again to clear the cache.

3.Check your Window host file
Make sure there is no entry that mapping address to host name.

Type cmd /k notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts in Run column,



4.Suspend antivirus and firewall software.
Tried exit the antivirus or firewall software and restart again.

5.If the problem still occur,type in the address bar of the web browser and reboot the modem.Still no works,restart the computer and as a final step,contact your ISP.

Hope can help you.

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