Solution For Window And Internet Explorer Error Messages

Sometimes,the computer will pop up for some error messages to help us find the problem, but these messages are only computer specialist to understand it, as normal computer users how to use these error messages to solve the computer problems ?

1.Download error message for window software,then copy and paste the error code,the related explanation will show you.

2.Log in troubleshooting window stop message website,this website listed down all the common error message.Assumed that we got the error message 0x000000A1,through this website i can find the meaning of this code,

3.Go to website.If we have a error message like this,powerpoint found an error that it can’t correct,

The first letter of the error messages is “p”, so click on the “p”, it has found a explanation message for this error message.

Hope that the above two websites and free software can help you solve some computer problems.