Smushit : Online Optimize And Compress Image Or Photo

As a blogger,photo or image is a important element in a weblog but image size always is a main factor to be considered.If a image size too large then will causing open up a webpage slowly.Some of us will compress the image or using software to resize the image,but it will affect the quality of the picture.

Smushit is a web tool that can optimize the compression of the image file size and will not affect the image quality and visual effects.

You not need registered as a member to using this utility , upload the image through your computer and URL.After uploading pictures, Smushit compress your image automatically with provided optimal compression without affecting the picture quality.

I upload a picture with size 512KB for testing.After compressed become 429.78KB by saving 16.17%

12-36 PM

Then you can download the image after compressed to your computer and replace it.

Before compressed ( size 512KB )


After compressed (size 429.78KB )


These two photo are same and clear,isn’t it ?

Moreover,smushit also provided Firefox addon that easily compressed all the image or photo in a webpage .