SMS Text Messages Through Computer With Mightytext Android Apps

SMS messaging is the most widely used for people communicate through phone purpose. If you are used SMS test messages with Android phone and annoying with small keyboard that caused you type wrongly, install mightytext app on your android phone will let you read, receive and send SMS through any computer and tablet.

It’s so exhausting as use small android phone keyboard compose, read and send SMS text messages. Mightytext allow users Android phone sync with computer or tablet, then can read and compose SMS text messages through web browser or send SMS from computer.


SMS Text Messages With Mightytext Android App

1.Use Mightytext keyword searching in Google play store and you will find 「SMS Text Messaging ↔PC Texting」 this app, click and installed.

Install mightytext from Google play


2.Mightytext will use and need grant access your Google account, tab allow access.

Mightytext android apps grant access google account


3.Now connect Android phone to internet, your Android phone already linked to Mightytext to allow send and receive text messages from computer with link. Tab 「Unlink Phone」 to unlink Mightytext synchronize with Android Google account if you do not use mightytext Android apps later.

Mightytext android apps


Type in on web browser address bar and select Firefox or Google Chrome extension or visit   login to admin interface with your Google account.

Mightytext firefox and chrome extension


Now you can compose, read text messages through web browser.

SMS text messages


Click on 「Compose New」 enter to new text message screen, type phone no into Send to column, it’s will help you filter out the contact you want to send SMS automatically, click Send to send out text message after compose completed. Please take note your android phone must be online as sending out SMS text messages.

Compose sms through browser with mightytext Android apps


Click 「Setting」 located at top right corner, here i would like to suggest disable pressing enter button to send out message, this will prevent sending out incomplete composing SMS messages as hit enter key accidentally.

Mightytext setting

Mightytext is pretty good service where not only compose and manage all SMS but also can back up all those useful SMS into computer.Moreover it’s more convenient using computer keyboard composing SMS that do not limited to small phone screen keyboard

Install mightytext Android apps from Google play store.

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