Sketchpad : Online Drawing Tool With HTML5 Application

We ever hear or came across about web standards HTML5 through internet and may have a doubt is there any web application already using HTML5 appear in internet and any benefit to all internet users ? If you are having this question,let me sharing with you this online drawing tool which using HTML5 web application,Sketchpad.


To put word in simple,HTML5 web application can let us watch videos,play games,or even a multimedia editor online directly without install any Adobe flash add-on.Sketchpad is a online tool that using javascripts and HTML5 technology running the application.Regardless the speed or graphics rendering performance sketchpad can compete with others popular online drawing tool with flash application like FotoFlexer or Picnik.Of course you must using latest web browser supports HTML5 such as Firefox,Google Chrome,Opera and Safari.

After using Sketchpad,how you think about HTML5 ?