Sizeasy : Visualize Object With Size Comparison

Are you facing trouble as describe the actual size of a object difficultly to your friend or hard to know the actual size of a good during shopping online? Sometimes i visiting EBay and found that the seller described the good in x mm X y mm X z mm dimension,it is hard for me to visualize product size. Sizeasy provides such an interesting size comparison service items, as long as enter in the size of item,then choose comparative material listed in sizeasy website,then you can get the actual size of the item in variety view.

1.Log into sizeasy website,key in item name,dimension and click ‘Add’ ( i use Iphone 3G as example).

2.Then go to ‘Compare to’ ,select a item that compare with Iphone 3G and click ‘Add’ again.

3.’My item ‘ will record down the comparison item.

4.After completed ,click ‘Save and Share your comparison’ located top of the webpage,a link will providing for sharing with others and do the editing.

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