Install Shield for Chrome Get Rid Of Malware And Adware Extensions

Recently Google pulled down two popular chrome extensions “Add To Feedly” and “Tweet This Page” from its store, which found inject advertising to users computer. Google will check all extensions regularly but sometimes few extensions may miss out and not be noticed, then we become a victim. Now we can install a Chrome extension called Shield for Chrome to your Google Chrome web browser to protect you from malware attacked.

Normally Chrome extensions that access a webpage content require permission from the user upon install. The malware developers use the same permission to inject adverts into webpages without the user’s knowledge as they are updated, even official and reliable extensions can be turned malicious after an automatic update.

Moreover computer antivirus software could not detected all these malicious threats upon installed, only uninstalling Chrome extension then malware can be removed. However to identify suspicious patterns in extensions is difficult even for experienced users.

Shield For Chrome Protection

Shield for Chrome is web browser extension which helps you get rid of those malware or adware extensions that are currently available in chrome web store, its build in blacklists to detect the malicious patterns and warm us to uninstall all those suspicious extensions. Additionally it stops the Chrome bugs which allow sites listen to your private conversations.

Download this extension from Chrome web store and installed. Click on the shield icon located in the right top corner of the Chrome toolbar to check the status of your installed Chrome extensions, it will warns you about the potential adware found in browser. We can simply remove suspicious malware by click on uninstall on the left side of those extension icons and name.

Shield for Chrome extension protect malware on browser

This extension is simple without any customize settings. If any suspicious extension has been found then proceed to uninstall if necessary.

I was quite surprised as hover zoom chrome extension marked as potential malware extension found by Shield for Chrome.