ShellExView : Small Tool To Delete Right Click Shell Extensions

Window right click context menu is great assisted tool that allowing computer users access to certain application with faster way.Unfortunately,as we installed software more and more in computer,we will finding that window right click menu also increase in the same time,some of the features maybe will not using anymore.

Actually we can hack the registry to getting the unused right click menu deleted but these will be a difficult and dangerous job for those who are not familiar registry amended.Now we can use a software that help us to do this job.

is a free software that showing all the Windows right-click menu items, including files and folders and even Internet Explorer’s right-down menu. You can use it to view those right-menu item. If you felt that some item is unused, then we can disable the item (we can enable back later), so that it no longer appear in the right-menu.


After execuate the ShellExView program,it will showing all shell extensions item as showed above,right click on the item that you need to disable then select ‘selected disable item’ or press ‘F7’ shortcut key to disable it.

ShellExView supports Window 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista.

Download ShellExView with installer / ShellExView without installer .