How To Set Up VPN Download LINE App Stickers On Bluestacks

Some time back Techgravy shared how to install Bluestacks on PC to download Line app stickers with VPN software client. I liked this method because no need go through step by step enter in configuration setting on iPhone and Android devices, all i need is download the Naver LINE stickers on Bluestacks then the stickers will stored on my phone simultaneously. However VPN software client not easy find on internet especially some free LINE stickers is target for few countries only, we can set up VPN PPTN on PC easily instead of using VPN software client and below tutorial showing how to set up VPN connection download LINE app stickers on Bluestacks.

Here i would like to show how to download LINE stickers free from Japan on Bluestacks with VPN PPTN connection.

  • (line://shop/detail/840) Nippon Life: Sekapaka-kun
  • (line://shop/detail/839) DHC Cat: Yoshiko Tamagawa


Download LINE app Stickers On Bluestacks

Download Bluestacks and installed then install Android LINE app on Bluestacks.

We need to get Japan VPN account to bypass region restriction. Visit, the web page showed valid username and password for free trial VPN account, this free trial account have some limitation that allow users access to Japan region for 20 minutes and same IP can only connect three times per day, users need to refresh the web page to get latest password for VPN account.

Free trial flyvpn


Now set up Japan VPN PPTN connection on PC (Windows 7). Open the Control Panel. Choose Network and Internet. Choose Network and Sharing Center.

VPN PPTN connection


Select Connect to a workplace and click to Next,

Set up vpn on windows 7


Choose Use my Internet connection (VPN),

Japan vpn connection


Now enter the Japan server address in the Internet address field. Then enter “Japan VPN” in the Destination name fields, click to Next.

Internet address: or

Japan vpn flyvpn account


Enter your flyvpn VPN account user name and password (refer to flyvpn web page). Leave domain empty then click to Connect.

China vpn


Make sure LINE app already link to email address and Facebook account without phone number registered before starting running LINE on Bluestacks software, You can follow below tutorial how to delete LINE messenger register phone number.

Now start up LINE app and login with email address after VPN connected successful. Go To More > Stickers shop, tapping on new tab, now we can select free LINE stickers from Japan region and download it.

Download line app stickers on Bluestacks


Login LINE app on your iPhone or android device, go to settings > stickers > purchase history, all the line sticker free download at Japan region appeared on stickers available option, tap it and download again then can use it for free.

Nippon Life: Sekapaka-kun Japan stickers


We can use the trick mentioned above downloading others countries Naver LINE app stickers.

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