How To Set News Feed To Most Recent Feed On Facebook App

We knew that Facebook always show “Top News” or “Top Stories” in ours news feed. Recently Facebook app for Android got an update with a new look design, and hide one of main feature Most Recent feed in main view.

Now Facebook app for android only showing “Top News” or “Top Stories” view in your news feed, which shows popular stories from your favorite friends and Pages. It uses factors such as how many friends are commenting on a post to aggregate content that you’ll find interesting, displays stories based on their relevance, rather than in chronological order.

In old version app we could change from top news to show Most Recent view in the main view, but now we have to figure it out.

View Most Recent Feed On Facebook


Tap on three horizontal lines located at top right corner displayed, scroll down till see “Most Recent” option in “Feeds” section. Tap on it and Facebook app news feed interface will switch over to all latest updates from your friends.

Change Most recent feed on Facebook app for android


Tap on three horizontal lines to the far left tab and will open left side panel. Tap on gear icon at “News Feed” section, news feed will change to latest view based on time by select “Show Most Recent” as an option. This view of News Feed also constantly refreshes itself so that you can catch the latest updates.

Most recent news feed on iOS

Please take note that the most recent feed on Facebook app will change back to default setting (top stories) as log out from the app, we have to change the settings manually as log in again. It not a good solution but for the time being is the only way to get all updates from friends in Facebook app.