Send And Save Email Attachments To Dropbox [How To]

Dropbox still a favorite online cloud storage for most of us. Few days back Techgravy published a post regarding How To Save Gmail Attachments To Google Drive, someone asking me they don’t like to use Gmail and Google Drive or Google chrome web browser, so they prefer Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Firefox, IE and Dropbox as main cloud storage, how to backup and save email attachments to Dropbox ? Well this is not a problem and we can do it by 「Send To Dropbox」 application.

「Send To Dropbox」 allow us to send and save email attachments to Dropbox directly, it’s will provide a unique email address to let you send email attachments back to Dropbox and save it, that means almost all email address with file attachments can send and save to account just with this unique email address. Nevertheless automatic archive unzipping, plain text and HTML message copying also include in the setting option.


Send And Save Email Attachments To Dropbox

1.Visit Send To Dropbox website and click 「Connect To Dropbox」 allow gain access to account.

email attachments save to dropbox


2.Now login to Dropbox account. Please sign up here if you don’t have it.Click 「Allow」 to let Send To Dropbox app connect to account, a Attachments Folder will create into account.

save email attachments


3.A unique email created. Then we can organize file attribute in Dropbox attachment folder to control where attachments are saved, just drag email attributes from the list above to the list below. Now all the email file attachments save to Dropbox in Attachments\Date\Subject\Filename location path, click 「Save Settings」.

email attachments save to dropbox


4.Now you just forward any email messages which have file attachments inside with unique email provided. Later the email attachments file will create in your Desktop Dropbox in Attachments Folder which following my previous location path setting ( Attachments\Date\Subject\Filename ).

save email attachments



Send To Dropbox is a good online service that can let us backup any important email attachments to Dropbox. The files send and save to my account is fast as i start using it’s service since launched, but recently already delay and need to wait for an hour then attachment files will appear in account, maybe there are more people know that these online service caused delivery time delay it. Anyway the email attachment file sent back and save to Dropbox is most important point that make sure there are don’t have any file missing during using this service.

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