Send And Receive Fax With Free

We still using fax service to transfer some important document or files although it’s quite easy to use internet to send some document with email attachment.Fax machine still playing main role till now but we need to buy and install a fax machine in our house just for sent one or two pages document,or for emergency case ?If you are in this situation,you no need to install a fax machine and can use some web tool to help you with free.

Send fax with free
1. Freepopfax can send fax to USA,UK,China,Germany,France,etc.
It supported pdf and Microsoft word file but only sent one page of document as enter phone number each time.

2.TPC Fax send the fax by email.

Receive Fax with free
1.Fax digits.When you register this service, you can get a US Fax Number. When people fax to this number, it will fax the documents into PDF files, and forwarded to the e-mail address you specify.
As i register this service ,i can’t get the US phone number as have some bug for them.You can use their demo faxdigits by using this number 515-275-6063 to receive fax.

If you have other free fax services,please share with us.