Screen-O-Matric : Online Video Capture And Recording

Screen-O-Matric is a free online video recording service for your computer screen,no need to install any software or program just using your web browser that able to create your computer screen recording video.

It simple and easy to use.Using your web browser connect to Screen-O-matric website and click ‘Create’ button,then select capture size ,source of microphone and click ‘Go’,starting to create screencast.

4 AM

  1. Click the record button to start recording the part of your screen inside the black frame (and audio from the mic you chose).
  2. Click the close button when you are done (or if you need to pause click pause button).

Then enter in more details about your screencast.

41 AM

Moreover,the video that recorded can view online and export as ‘.mov’ video file for offline playback.

Screen-O-Matric need Java supported.

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