How To Save Instagram Photos On Android Phone Without Uploaded

Instagram for Android and iPhone and is photo sharing application allow users apply with filter effects then uploading to social networking service and instagram own. Those need to save own instagram photos have to force sharing to instagram and then using instagram download application like Copygram back up own photos. We may thinking is there any way just save own instagram photos to phone without sharing to instagram ? Well i would like to share a trick how to save instagram photos directly if you are using Android phone.

Instagram android allow users save own instagram photos to mobile phone directly without uploading to instagram or social networking service (i am not sure iPhone can be apply or not), if you are like instagram filter effects but don’t want photos uploading and sharing on social networking service, you can try below method.


Save Instagram Photos To Android Phone

1.After apply instagram filter effects, then tab double arrow icon at top right corner, instagram start the processing your photo.

instagram android


2.As you are notice below screen display, tab back arrow icon and don’t upload it.

instagram photos


3.Now using Android file browser like Astro File Manager locate path instagram folder in Android phone, you will notice instagram photo already stored inside.

instagram androidinstagram android


With this method you can use instagram filter effects apply to photo without publishing or uploading to instagram and others social networking service.