Save Gmail Attachments To Google Drive [How To]

Your Gmail always receive  lot of file attachments or archives ? Some Gmail attachments and archive may important for you and want to save in others place for reference and don’t want mixed with others email or attachments in Gmail, so you can fully utilize of Google Drive (upgrade from Google Docs) launching recently stored all these Gmail attachments and archives directly.

You no need download attachment files to PC and then upload to Google Drive manually, use Google Chrome extension 「Gmail Attachments To Drive」 to avoid download and upload manually routine job. 「Gmail Attachments To Drive」 will help you send and save the attachments to Google Drive cloud storage directly with one click.


Send And Save Gmail Attachments To Google Drive

Open Google Chrome web browser and download Gmail Attachments To Drive extension and installed, then open any email in Gmail with attachments file.Before install 「Gmail Attachments To Drive」 extension, the option for attachment file as below;

Before install gmail attachments to drive


After install 「Gmail Attachments To Drive」;

After install gmail attachments to drive


You got an extra option 「Save To Drive」 in email message, click it the attachments will sent to Google Drive cloud directly.

Open Google Drive and check for My Drive options, the attachments file already stored at Google Drive and listed. Now your important attachment file will in save place and will not missing if the email concern delete it suddenly.

gmail attachments save to google drive

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