Safe Browsing With Firefox Extension : Firekeeper

I believed that the current so-called online scams or threat,trojan horse that the way infected may just as simple visiting some malicious website,so talking about the focus of network security, in addition to the anti-virus security software, firewall,it also take more attention to misconduct of web browsing, such as the well-known Mcafee SiteAdvisor is the level of security through the online ratings, to prompt the user to avoid visiting malicious sites. Today i will sharing this Firefox extensions of FireKeeper, in addition to the built-in filtering rules through the discovery of suspicious malicious programs when prompted warning window, but also allows users to choose whether or not to block the visit this site and to include in the blacklist .

The firekeeper will scan all the incoming traffic and will pop up a window warning as detects something suspicious in the website,you can choose to blacklist,block once,allow once or whitelist during this situation.

You also can add some rules system such as add local files or remote file configure the filter setting to block unwanted suspicious website or contents.

Download firekeeper and visited firekeeper user help for more details.You also can visit to add the malware lists inside the firekeeper prevented Firefox visiting malware website accidentally.