S6N : VPN Tunnel Connection

There are many free VPN service already close down like Alonweb during year 2010.If you are seeking some free VPN service in Euro region,here i would like sharing with you is called S6N.

S6N is a free VPN service provider from French.The VPN server is located at Spain with a ‘Tunnel’ connection.Go to here register a free account.Then login your account,click ‘Add’ icon,you need to select free server,put a check for ‘I understand and accept following term and condition’ and click ‘BUY’.S6N

Click ‘Tunnel’ and will showing all the VPN server information,you need to download ‘CA’ and ‘Config’ files locate in OpenVPN tab into computer.


Last is download Free OpenVPN GUI and installed.Then copy and paste ‘CA’ and ‘Config’ files into following folder,C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config.

Start OpenVPN GUI by click connect,then type in username and password that provided by S6N,The icon will become green color if VPN service connected successful.If you felt hard to follow,you can refer OpenVPN set up procedures that created by Hideipvpn.

There are no limit bandwidth control for S6N,the browsing speed acceptable but streaming video or download purpose i think is quite slow and not suitable.