Run WhatsApp On Browser, Access On Chrome, Firefox, IE And Opera

Techgravy ever shared how to install WhatsApp on PC by using AirMirror from AirDroid, however, we have to install a standalone client for PC mirrors Android’s on-screen activities to the computer. Enable WhatsApp on browser should be a solution where users can send messages or photos without download WhatsApp app or client.

Run Whatsapp on browser let you access your WhatsApp account and use it for chatting anywhere. By the way it’s web-based you can practically use it on any Web-browser such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others.

Manymo is a web based Android emulator where embedding apps in websites, development, collaboration and testing. We can load WhatsApp from a web browser, it will emulate the WhatsApp for chatting. Since Manymo is an emulator, you may find some flaws and lags during running application which caused a bit slow response. This can be used for Windows, Mac and Linux PCs and tablets.

WhatsApp On Browser Tutorial

Download WhatsApp for Android application to your computer.

Access Manymo website ( and create a free account. Then click on “Launch emulator” > “launch with app” located at the top right corner, browse to the WhatsApp apk that you downloaded and upload to Manymo website.

WhatsApp on browser

Now you are in emulators page after application uploads completed, select and launch an emulator.

Manymo android emulator

You have to create a WhatsApp account. Remember, you can’t use a same phone number enable two WhatsApp accounts at a same time.

Web based WhatsApp can’t let you receive SMS for verification, you have to make call let them telling you the WhatsApp access code.

Whatsapp%20On%20Browser 4

Now you can send and receive messages with your friends without delay through WhatsApp on browser, the free account let you using a Manymo emulator for 20 minutes only, you have to upgrade your account for a longer period.

Web based Whatsapp