Run OSX Dashboard Widget In Window

There are a lot of Apple’s dashboard widget free use for Mac OSX but incompatible with Window
.If you looking these Apple’s widget and need to use in Window OS,here having the solution.

Kludget Engine is an open-source widget engine that can run Apple’s Dashboard widgets on Windows.You can download Apple’s dashboard widget from Widgetworld or from Apple homepage and run in Window.

Download Kludget Engine 0.9 .

How to install Apple’s widget into Window OS

1.Running Kludget engine after installation completed.

2.Download the dashboard widget that you need ( widget that you download is in ZIP format and no need to unzipped ).

3.Right click ‘Kludget engine’ icon in system tray and select ‘Open widget package’.

3.Locate the widget that you downloaded and select ‘Open’.

4.A installation wizard appear then click ‘Install’.That all.

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