How To Run Google Maps, LINE iPhone Apps Full Screen On iPad Without Tab 2X Zoom [Without Jailbreak]

There are lot of iPhone app like Google Maps, LINE etc that not developed for iPad version which  with 9.7-inch screen. In order all this iPhone apps full screen on iPad then we have to tab on a button labeled “2X” located at the bottom right corner of the window.

However most of the iPhone apps look broken in the Apple iPad because of the low display quality, one recent iPhone-only app is the newly released App Store version of Google Maps, till now Google did not bother to come up with a separate iPad-optimized version. If we run Google Maps full screen mode on iPad by tab on 2x zoom, the display is not is full screen mode and not high resolution.

iPad users may install FullForce Cydia app if iPad already jailbroken, FullForce is a Cydia tweak that forces iPhone applications to look and act like iPad apps, with varying degrees of success. How about those iPad without jailbreak ? Here i would like show you run Google Maps directions on full screen or others iPhone apps on iPad with high resolution.

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Google Maps iPhone Apps Full Screen On iPad

This app for iPhone is compatible with the iPad but when you go for the full screen option by tab on the 2x zoom, the display would be as shown below.

Google Maps app with 2x zoom


First stop it running on background, then download iTools English version and installed. Run iTools application > App > Google Map > view files icon.

iTools edit plist file


Navigate to Google > Info.plist, backup Info.plist to PC, if anything happen then can restore back.

Backup plist file with iTools


Double click on Info.plist and find string vales as below,

  • <key>UIDeviceFamily</key>

Edit google Maps plist file


Change the value from 1 to 2 and save it.

iphone apps full screen on ipad


Now reboot the iPad. You will notice full page map on iPad with high resolution automatically without tab on 2x zoom.

google maps on full screen


Run other iPhone apps full screen on iPad also worked by follow the mentioned above steps.

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