How To Run DOS Games On Gridlee DOS Emulator App For iPhone And iPad [Without JB]

Recently a DOS emulator app for iPhone and iPad called 「Gridlee」 released on iTunes app store and let you play DOS games without jailbreak on iOS devices. Previously Techgravy blog ever shared DOS games emulator app iDOSiMAME And Aemula Oldies S but iMAME already pull down from iTunes app store, please get it fast if you are interested DOS games and it’s may pull down soon by Apple.

Gridlee using MAME 0.139u1 emulation technology and can simulate cps1, cps2, cps3, atary and neogeo all these DOS games. Gridlee build in a game that never released since 1982. It’s not attractive if can’t add own ROM files to the app, i believe Gridlee developer will add in more games in future, or even can store ROM games files directly.

If you are can’t wait developer show tutorial how to add DOS games ROM files to Gridlee iPhone and iPad DOS emulator app and playing DOS games on iOS devices directly, here i would like to show you a tutorial adding ROM games files to the app with iFunbox.


Install ROM Games Files On Gridlee DOS Emulator

Download Gridlee for iPhone and iPad from iTunes app store.

Installed iFunbox and connected to iPhone or iPad, locate path user applications\Gridlee\Documents\roms, then add in ROM file.

Install DOS games with ifunbox


Now run Gridlee app. You can choose which are the games that would like to play now.

DOS emulator


Tap on translucent 「COIN」 button located at top left corner as asking deposit coin whereby tap on 「START」 button at top right corner as start to play the game.

DOS emulator app

DOS games on iPhone