How To Run Android MomentCam On PC With Genymotion

The latest update of MomentCam app for android and iPhone launched English version which let all users able understand the instructions, this will makes more people enjoy this Chinese photo app. Now we can run MomentCam android apps on PC if you don’t have smartphone, transform your photo into a comic character and spreading on the messaging platform.

Genymotion is an android emulator application that allows users run Momentcam and other android apps on PC, it’s provided more function and fast start up compared with Bluestacks. I had shared a post how to run Genymotion on Windows PC but it’s a basic installation and some readers can’t get it. Below is a tutorial how to run android Momentcam on PC with Genymotion in more details.


Android MomentCam On PC

Genymotion Installation

Register as user on Genymotion site, download and install “Genymotion with virtualbox” application. Create a new virtual device by enter username and password that registered previously, click connect button.

Android Momentcam on PC


Choose a Genymotion virtual drive and click “Next”, it’s will download the virtual drive automatically.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 4

Genymotion ADB Setting

The Google services app like Google Plus, Gmail or Google Play Store not installed on Genymotion as default. This ADB setting allow PC users flash Google services app and able to drag and drop the android apk file to Android emulator directly by install android SDK ADT Bundle application.

Click Settings > ADB > Select on “When a virtual device starts, connect it automatically to ADB”.

Momentcam%20on%20Genymotion 8.1


Click Browse and then locate the sdk folder inside ADT Bundle folder, then click Choose > OK.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 9

Run Genymotion Emulator And Install Google Play App

Click Play to start up prefer virtual drive.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 10


A window will show up a full featured android devices without any Google services.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 11


Now visit rootwiki downloading Google apps universal package according to your prefer virtual drive android version, then drag and drop the zipped files to Genymotion window.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 12


If the ADB setting is correct, a window pop up showed, click OK to start flashing process.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 13


You need to reboot virtual drive by turn off and on Genymotion, Google Plus, Gmail and Play Store apps appeared inside Genymotion window. If encounter “Unfortunately, Google Play service has stopped” message, just ignore it and continue set up with Gmail account.

Momentcam%20on%20PC 20


Download MomentCam app and installed, Now you can run Android MomentCam on PC.

Android apps on Genymotion


If you want to share comic photo to Whatsapp or LINE messenger, please find below tutorial.