RMaps: Save Android Google Maps Offline For Directions

Recently Google Maps for android rolled out V7 update brought several new features,  bringing a fresh new design, live traffic updates, incident reports, and dynamic rerouting etc. One thing changing is support for Google maps offline by type ‘ok maps’ into the search box that let us save maps offline quickly and easily.

Unfortunately save offline Google Maps for directions on Android is not as easy as we think. We will receive an error message stating that the area couldn’t be cached because it’s too large and you need to zoom in, then repeat the ”OK Maps” process again, or your map will begin “Pre-loading”. You need to play around and repeatly many times, i hate this. Moreover it’s has limit of number to store the offline maps on the phone.

Then i have to find alternative way to save Google Maps offline on android phone for navigation. Rmaps is android app to download offline maps for directions that can replace google maps which provide navigation.

RMaps is an on and offline navigation tool that works with Google Maps, MapQuest, Open Street Maps, Cloudmade, Microsoft Maps, Yandex and many more. Early RMaps for offline navigation need Mobile Atlas Creator application to create maps on PC then trasfer to phone but now we can use RMaps app download offline maps dorectly to phone, include Google Maps.


RMaps download Google Maps Offline

Download RMaps and installed. First step is to choose Google Maps as offline maps, select Maps > Google Maps option.

Google maps offline


Then you have to do is navigate to, or zoom into, the area that you want to cache for offline use, More > Make availble offline. Try to larger or smaller the square area the you need to download maps for offline use.

Google maps directions


Give a name for the maps and select zoom levels that need for offline directions. Normally i will select from Zoom 1 to Zoom 18 levels, then tap on download. all the offline maps for Google will store on path /mnt/sdcard/maps.

Offline google maps directions


Select Maps > maps that you download then can start to use Google maps offline navigation.

Android offline maps

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