Risk Of Freeware;You Should Think About It

What is security freeware that you are using now ?Avira Antivir Personal,Avast antivirus home edition,spyware search and destroy,etc.You may list up all the security freeware and told me that all is free and just sent a email address to get a code as a condition only.I known that not all the people out there rely use there own money to purchase the valid license for using the protecting software.Moreover,some people using the crack software with purpose to save the money.

Most of the us using the antivirus freeware is Avast antirus home edition (correct me if i am wrong),are we thinking that is there any risk if using this Avast home edition software ?

You just submit a email address then you can get a product key valid for one year.Why Avast can offer one year product key as other software can provide 15 days or maximum 30 days trial run only ?It must have some reason.

Normally security software will include antivirus,antispyware,firewall,….as they called that ‘internet security’ software,but security freeware is not so powerful.Just compare Avast home edition and professional edition then you will know it,

The functions in the red box are not applied in home edition,what i concerned is ‘Script blocker’.it is useful if you are using internet Explorer ( IE ) as main web browser,to prevent script virus spread through to your computer.Please visit Avast to get more details.

Therefore to prevent computer infected by virus or other malicious program,first you have a good computer firewall,second you have to know what is the weakness of your security software.Don’t just concerned ‘FREE’,’BEST’ or other word mentioned in the discuss forum or in their homepage,then download and used it without reading and understood the details and complaining why my computer infected by virus but already installed the security software in the end.

At last,be carefully installed any freeware.

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