How To Reveal Asterisk Password With Google Chrome Address Bar

As we type passwords into input text box, the password we entered will mask with some asterisk characters automatically to prevent others viewing password for security reason. We already shared a trick how to recover asterisk password on web browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox), now there is another simple trick to reveal password behind asterisk characters through address bar on web browser.

Previously the trick is just changing the value of something specific will easily reveal asterisk password with the help of simple HTML and CSS. Now this simple trick is listing out all the saved password web site through your Google Chrome web browser address bar and then reveal the password.


Reveal Asterisk Password With Google Chrome

Tun on Google Chrome web browser, type in chrome://chrome/settings/passwords into address bar and press Enter button, it’s will show up all the saved password web site.

Show asterisk password on google chrome


Click on one of the web site listed, then click on show button.

Reveal password behind asterisk


The password behind asterisk will be revealed. Easy ?

Recover password


This trick is useful as we forgot the password and can recover asterisk password through web browser address bar.

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