Returnil Virtual System : Can Protect Your Computer Without Install any Security Software

In my previous post ‘Talking about autorun.inf virus again‘,i mentioned that created a ‘shadow’ system in computer before running a testing for autorun virus.My friend kept asking me what is this ?so,i would like to explain and introduce this software to you – Returnil Virtual System.

sshot 1

Returnil virtual System will create a ‘virtual’ or ‘shadow’ for your computer C drive to protect your computer operating system,you will be operate in a virtual operating system environment.If your computer attacked by virus,worm or other malicious program,all you need to do is restart your computer and your computer will restore to the original state,nothing happen to your computer caused the virus or malicious program infected your virtual operating system only.

Moreover,you can create a virtual disk to save your data,document during the set up as you turn ON to use this virtual system ( if you save in normal c drive or in My document,the data that you saved will lost as you restart the computer ).

You can use this feature to browser any malicious websites,install any software for testing and not get risk of exposing any dangerous virus or spyware.So you no need to install any security software,all you need is restart the computer.

The disadvantages for this software is protect C drive only,other drives or partition will not help.

I will introduce 2 more this kind of software and can protect all the partition drive in future.