How To Restore Favorite Bookmarks On Firefox And Google Chrome

We always bookmark web link or web URL as favorite on Firefox and Google Chrome for quick access in future, so maintain Firefox and Google Chrome bookmarks are important for web browsing. We tend to bookmark any interest web link as favorite in web browser and don’t care can we remember the web link, at the end we can’t remember the web link if deleted bookmark accidentally.Firefox and Google Chrome web browser build in bookmark history which let us restore back all the favorite bookmark in easy way without any add-on or extension.

Firefox web browser build in a powerful back up and restore bookmark feature. All Firefox bookmarks restore in easy way with it back up file.

Restore Firefox Bookmark

1.Open up Firefox web browser, select 「Bookmarks」 Tab and click 「Show All Bookmarks」, Firefox will show library Firefox bookmark listing.

restore Firefox bookmark setting


2.Click 「Import And Backup」 tab and go to 「Restore」 option, select a bookmark Firefox date to restore back all the favorite bookmark into web browser.

restore bookmarks


Google Chrome didn’t build in back up and restore feature option compare with Firefox but it’s will back up a copy of bookmark as closed Google Chrome every time. Then you can restore back deleted bookmark in Google Chrome in condition as you have not closed web browser.

Restore Google Chrome Bookmarks

1.Navigate to C:/Users/YOUR NAME/AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default, you will notice bookmarks and bookmarks.bak two files (Don’t close Google Chrome).

google chrome


2.Bookmarks file having recent changes bookmark listed and bookmarks.bak having older bookmarks listed. What you do is renamed bookmarks file to bookmarks2.bak and bookmarks.bak to bookmarks.

3.Close up and reopen Google Chrome web browser, all the deleted bookmark already restore back to Google Chrome automatically by rename bookmark file.Now you can drop bookmarks2.bak safely after restore back deleted bookmark.