Replace Android Home Button with Easy Touch

Some of Android phone include physical home button and home button on android not working properly after using some time. IOS users may install Activator app (Need jailbreak on iOS devices) or turn on AssistiveTouch function reduce the use of home button, so how about for Android phone ? Below is free Easy Touch Android phone apps that similar function with AssistiveTouch on iPhone and iPad which can replace and reduce the use of Android home button.

Easy Touch is a button which looks like AssistiveTouch on iPhone and it floats on your phone screen allowing move it to anywhere. Easy Touch Android phone apps lets you enter Multi-Touch gestures using one finger which provides a convenient way to open your favorite app, home Screen, lock Screen, app list, open recent task (double press) and custom setting, thus to protect your home button on android not working.

Easy Touch provides 3 different style Android apps to suit your needed (easy touch for Android style, easy touch for iPhone style and easy touch for girl).

Replace Android Home Button With Easy Touch

We can modify the setting to suit different users needed, there are special locks screen for Android root devices.

AssistiveTouch Android home button


A small round blue button will then appear on your screen, tab it to activate easy touch application. When you touch the blue button a list of commands will appear including a software home button, lock screen, setting and favorite button.

Home button on android not working


Tab on setting button to switch on and off for brightness, Bluetooth, WiFi. GPS, APN(mobile data), auto rotation, flashlight and air-plane mode settings.

Replace android home button with easy touch


We can double tab on it switching favorite open application.

Change apps on Easy touch


Easy touch app provide direct uninstall function in the build in setting or go to Settings > Location & Security > Select Device Administrators > Cancel this app, then uninstall the app.

Download easy touch for Android Holo and iPhone style from Google Play Store.