Remove Youku Ads With BeeUilding

Youku is video sharing website in China that hosting lot of drama, TV shows or movies which allow us watch free movies, if i can’t find video clip in YouTube then Youku is my alternative source. However we have to force watching Youku ads before free movie appears on your desktop screen.

Youku will playing around 45 second long ads before movie started where you can’t bypass the ads. If you’re looking for an ad-free experience, you’ll have to pay upgrade your Youku account for skipping ads, it’s annoying have to wait then can watch the movie.

Remove youku ads with Beeuilding

BeeUilding is online tool that helps you get rid of Youku annoying ads, skip it and watch Youku movie directly. It’s not using ad blocker method to eliminate ads but turn flash movie into html5 video format, then all the ads will disappear.

How To Use BeeUilding Remove Youku Ads

Visit BeeUilding web site, copy and paste Youku video URL to column then click submit button. Please follow below tutorial if you can’t visit Youku web site.

Youku ads remover

Now you can watch the movie without ads. Install BeeUilding Google Chrome extension let you one click bypass the ads quickly.

Play youku video in HTML5 format

Moreover sharing Beeuilding video link with others, then they can watch the movie without show Youku ads.


The disadvantage is that video playback page URL is different from Youku original video URL , so we cannot comment directly.

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