Remove Windows 8 System Reserved Partition [How To]

A system reserved partition for system files was created since starting from Windows Vista. The size of this partition is 100 MB, its stored the boot manager code, boot configuration database and start up files needed by BitLocker Drive Encryption. Now Windows 8 system reserved partition increased from 100MB to 350MB, most of Windows users rarely used BitLocker Drive Encryption feature or you want to get more space in disk drive then we can remove this hidden system reversed partition during install Windows 8.

If you want to have a Windows 8 system without the extra partition, you can only do it during the Windows install process, once it Windows system has been created, there is no way to get rid of it.


Remove Windows 8 System Reserved Partition

1. Select 「Custom: Install Windows only (advanced)」 option during install Windows 8 system.

Windows 8 install


2. Normally we will click 「Next」 to continue install Windows but in here should click 「Drive option」 as shown.


3. Delete all current partitions if your hard disk ever install any Windows system, remember to back up the data. If your owned a brand new hard disk, then unallocated space appeared, click 「New」 option.

System reserved 350MB


4. It will bring out all the hard disk partition space has not been configured, select 「Apply」> 「OK」.


5. Windows create a additional partition for system files with sized 350MB and a partition to install Windows system. Now we need to remove this 350MB system reserved disk by click on 「Delete」> 「OK」.


system reserved partition


6. The 350MB partition become unallocated space in hard disk. Select 「New」> 「Apply」, then the unallocated space become primary partition.


7.Now you will notice two primary partitions in hard disk. Choose 「Drive 0 Partition 2」 and click on 「Delete」> 「OK」.

Hidden system reserved


8.The deleted partition becomes as unallocated space, click on 350MB partition > 「Extend」> 「Apply」.

System reserved disk


9. All the disk space change to single primary partition and you will not notice any hidden reserved partition in hard disk, now already remove Windows 8 system reserved partition. Click 「Next」.


10. Continue install Windows system.

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